The Architectonics of Somatic War Machines

“The discussion was spiraling through a series of theoretical confrontations between jungle militarism (the Vietnam war of the process of NAMification) and desert-militarism (War-on-Terror and Mecca-nomics).” Cyclonopedia, p. 16, Reza Negarestani  ƒ

WLVS — Abstract/Concrete


A Company of Wolves is a continuous flux of art/ist/s and design/er/s, echoing the howl of dynami(te/c) creativity under the full moon of (sist + broth)erhood bound by blood. We are of |one| pack, yet each of us is several and solitary in our artistic pursuits. We are the stage for wolves in (X)-skins to showcase the voracious versatility of brands in our community. A Company of Wolves is the togetherness of α, β, and Ω roles of the wolf-pack—we rally, we promote, and we bear the stress of those who share our bond. The pack is not bound by the constraints of genealogical lines, cultural ties, and geographical boundaries.


A Company of Wolves is a curated conflux of art and design pieces showcasing a multitude of artists and designers on a transnational and transcultural stage. Our shared value is familial—a mystical blood-tie that traverses the veins and stains the flesh of our collective. Our call, and our calling, is a triangulation of online exhibition, print-publication transmission, and archival collection for a diverse ecology of audience, from general public to professionals to collectors. We hope to guide our pack network in a direction that expands our hunting territories to new and rich unexplored terrains and niches in art & design that bisect traditional hierarchical boundaries.


A Co. of WLVS

i — The pack – traces the contours of the desert and sutures 77-colored tribes with the call | a bleeding coagulation of lupine |aesthetic-prosthesis| lunacy that transcends bio-political genealogies.

ii — To become wolf is to || follow distinct trajectories but entangled lines | to move a pas de loup is to arrive timelessly | to track imperceptibly, to be in the co. of a pack-, several + | at the same time, remain a singularity.

iii — A w( )lf pack is a black hole singularity. H( )les are not the absence of particles but a milieu of particles traveling faster than the speed of light.


⅓ Deterritorialize! , or the despot | the zombie grammarians | the knife | or, adieu to the panopticon

Do we say the cogs have a conscience because the voice allows them to groan?


Nature versus Technology



Some things are holy



A Kings Folly Against nature…

À rebours (Against the Grain or Against Nature), Chapter V: Des Esseintes decorates his tortoise with jewels & plays the music of flavors; his memory of a painful toothache.

This tortoise was a fancy which had seized Des Esseintes some time before his departure from Paris. Examining an Oriental rug, one day, in reflected light, and following the silver gleams which fell on its web of plum violet and alladin yellow, it suddenly occurred to him how much it would be improved if he could place on it some object whose deep color might enhance the vividness of its tints.

religio.medici for AntiAnti

Design, Sound & Animation by Michael Ostermann ( from Vienna, Austria for AntiAnti (

Theme — Polarity

Early Earth

Tribal Woman, South India


Jugendstil Owls

The Vienna Secession (also known as the Union of Austrian Artists, or Vereinigung Bildender Künstler Österreichs) was formed in 1897 by a group of Austrian artists who had resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists, housed in the Vienna Künstlerhaus. This movement included painters, sculptors, and architects.

Jugendstil owls – Detail of the facade of the Secession Building (Vienna, Austria) – The designs for the Secession building’s facade decoration are attributed to Koloman Moser. Photo by Alberto Fernandez Fernandez

Symbol is King


since the very dawn of civilization on the earth

Human History via Vanguard Atelier for AA

Ethnological ObservationPlymouth City Museum & Art Gallery



Resonance is Existence. This is the FLOW.




Critically thinking green…

Thinking green is creating fractals, it is simply adding your personal experience to the Universe we live in.






Gold & Topaz